(#Ad) Why you need to go to Lindisfarne festival 2019….

Right, I’m an avid festival goer….. I’ve been to festivals here, there and everywhere. I’m a big fan of independent festivals, the type of festival where you live in a bubble for the weekend, dress like a 90s TV presenter covered in glitter and sparkle, back comb your hair within an inch of its life, eat LUSH street food, discover some amazing new music, dance until you drop (or go cross eyed like I did at Bestival one year), make best friends who you will never see again, have some really unique experiences and, this might just be me, but I’m all about the festival décor. I love sculptures, projection, flags, things designed by artists….hidden treasures around every corner. I’m getting excited just thinking about it……and that’s exactly what I’m going to get at Lindisfarne 2019!


There might be some of you out there, thinking – festivals aren’t for me….. or some of you avid old festival goers, that think you’re too old…. But to put it plainly you’re wrong. You are totally wrong and I’m going to tell you ten reasons why, festivals are essential to your happiness in life in general (bold statement, I know) and I’m going to weave in my festival handy hints and reasons why Lindisfarne Festival 2019 is the end to your perfect Summer.

Line up and tickets available here: www.lindisfarnefestival.com


  • It’s like #Friyay feeling times a million…… do you remember John Simm as Jip and his “the milky bars are on me!” monologue. My festival experience always starts with that explosion of excitement – and it’s like that for a whole weekend, I can experience total escapism and freedom from ordinary life constraints and have an unforgettable shared experience with other festival goers. Now of course, come the Monday morning….. it’s also like hangover times a million….. but that’s Monday’s you problem. Thursday, Friday & Saturday you are free to go wild.


  • It will restore you faith in humanity again…..dare I mention the landscape we live in at the moment? Festivals unite people…..a lot of festivals have a diverse crowd and Lindisfarne with its genre hopping ways will be no different. But at festivals, people leave their baggage at the door, connect and have a lush time doing so. We are conditioned to be adversarial and to hate…. At festivals you’ll have conversations with people from different worlds and you’ll gain new insights, new perspectives and a renewed sense that people aren’t all bad. We can be a canny bunch when we want to be.


  • Focusing in the moment and away from social media……now this sounds bizarre for someone who makes their living via social media but actually at festivals, I tend to switch off from the digital world. A festival has enough shenanigans and good times, to hold me in the present instead of in limbo on Instagram. Festivals clear my head and I often return with a renewed sense of self and a reminder that there is more to life than work, work, work….


  • It’s an opportunity to go a little feral…. Bare with me on this one. When I was younger, yes I embraced a festival with baby wipes and sacked off the showers. Now, at 33years old – showers are not a “nice to have” but an actual “I need to or I will die”. We are so obsessed with being clean, looking social media glam and a whole host of other things – that again we forget about just being ourselves. Due to my poorly skin (I currently have the skin of a 14yr old) – I’ve had to give up make up and it’s been lush and freeing. The world didn’t stop, I choose when to dress up and I dress for me! I think everyone should go a little feral every so often….


  1. Don’t ruin yourself on the first night…..oh we’ve all been there. You’re buzzing to be at the festival….so you drink yourself to death, pass out way too early and then don’t recover for the whole weekend. I once went to a festival where I couldn’t eat food or even keep water down due to this for 48hours….this is especially true, if you’re not a regular booze hound. Pace yourself, don’t show off, there are three nights…. Save the big night, for the headliners…. Or at least just don’t ruin yourself on the first night.

Another thing about drinking too much is forgetting everything…. I’ve been to a festival where I got up to clear my tent on the Monday and I had total festival blackout – what’s the point in that!? You want lush memories and good vibes…..not blank mind and sicky sickerson.


  • Prepare yourself for a hangover straight from the apocalypse…. Dioralyte is your new best friend, alongside Milk Thistle and any other hangover remedy that you can think of (chocolate milkshake is my go to). You don’t have time for a hangover at a festival….ain’t nobody got time for that. You need to be up, out and exploring. I hate wasting the day at festivals…..the day is all about discovering the hidden treasures, having a go at something new, stepping outside your comfort zone and truly embracing the festival vibe.


  1. Make a list of things you want to do….. when you get to a festival time will slip away! So before you get there or once you’re pitched up, make a bit of a plan! What are your must sees, your would like to dos and make it happen! Even if you manage only a few, you skip the regret and Lindisfarne Festival has SO many stages….you’re going to want to be strategic until you’ve drank to the point of just wanting to dance the night away regardless of where you are and what you’re listening to.

Step outside your comfort zone at least once……festivals are all about trying new things, taking part in workshops, listening to new music, speaking to new people…..


  1. Support independent festivals……independent festivals like Lindisfarne aren’t about big business or making money….they are about a team of freelancers, artists and creatives wanting to realise a lush dream and bring people together. You buying tickets makes the festival happen and possible.


  1. TISSUES, TISSUES, TISSUES……bring lots of tissues for the toilets. Tissues are your festival best friend.

Do you have any other suggestions of your own?


So are you going to join me at Lindisfarne Festival 2019…..you absolutely should…..just look for the Tina Turner Hair’d 90s TV presenter!

Tickets: www.lindisfarnefestival.com

See you there to get a little bit feral…….

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